hi im tatiiana.

Hi my name is Tatiana. I live in Greenwich, CT, Im16 yrs old born July 21, 1994.

 I started to make these designs for Lady Gaga December 10th 2009 (i kind  of stopped or just taking a long break hey maybe on Dec 10, 2010 ill do like a reunion). I got the idea to do this after watching Gaga's intervew on ellen. Gaga said a designer made a head piece, i think its called "orbit". I dont know why i thought of making designs, i thought it would be fun, but i became a hobby everyday i would get up do some fashion research and watch a few old 90's 80's and maybe even 70's movie and get some ideas. But one hour i was thinking so much made the most awful thing. Okay it wasn't that bad but it defiantly wasn't fashion. You know what it was, it was like teenage boy, whos everything sports, who wears ambercrombie and fitch, and for some reason thinking of something Lady Gaga "would wear." Thats exactly what it was. So, I never really wanted to design clothes or learn or even know anything about fashion designing, i always wanted to become an actress or a chef and i still do but i seem to be focused with designing right now. If i ever meet Lady Gaga first would i would you know that weird feeling when you shocked, like your heart drop, yeah that would happen and i for some reason get this heat flash when im in shock like a 57 year old, haha. But, i wasn't always a fan. I think if you asked me before 09 Thanksgiving I would know her but i just didnt really pay attention to Pop music. I dont really listen to the radio, but i think i did know her because i remember in my english class we were doing our vocab cards and on the blank side of the note card i drew lighting bolt. At the time i didnt really care for Pop music because I didnt like Pop I used to listen to oldies like The Beatles, Abba,  a few from Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Meat Loaf ect. I really didnt listen to anything else, well so i thought. Actually my friends call me Lennon, when i watched show studio and LG said the names she like for her kids or something i forgot but she said "Lennon, for a girl" and i was like WAHOO (like the chick in telephone haha) But on Thanksgiving Paparazzi no serosuly the music video KILLED ME!! Every little detail was put into that video, stabbing of the knife with the shutter of the camara to the choreography, it was genius! little details that make the video so so so so amazing that i watched it over and over and over again she so good!i basically studied the musci video, it was really like a mini movie musical and It didnt take me long to be hocked. The what got me to watch her video was when i had this convo with my cousin. (the italic is me and the bold is my cousin) : Did you hear Lady Gaga's songs? You mean the singles Just Dance? yeah it was like on the radio... but i dont really like pop music.... No the album The Fame . Uh.. i have no idea just came back from france? I was in france and argentina my whole summer show me. *she starts Paparazzi  on youtube* Wow i cant belive i didnt hear about her in france.. thats so weird. Thee End. The whole day everyone was like stop going on the computer and spend sometime with your family, ehh.. fine, i left the computer for like 10-36 minutes but i kept going back on it. I found i was unable to resist the story of the fame, so i didnt. But then i got tierd of the computer and stoped for like 2-4 days. Haha but then i realized that i only knew 3 of her song from The Fame and there were so much more PLUS another album called The Fame Monster. I read and or watched almost every interviews. Im going to go back to the subject of designing, when Im making or thinking about a design i play her music. Its like a way of connecting with her. each song has a design. it very rare that i would listen to a different artist while making a design. But i listen to her music all the time like right now I'm listening to Speechless, Im always listening to her music i go on my laptop go on itunes and literally skip like 7 albums and a few songs and BOOM! shes playing haha. Her songs are seriously amazing. Some artist make lame songs like  "oooh baby, ill be your baby" wtf >:( loll or annoying plain sad song. sorry usher: "yo jojo, im happy for you, ima let you finish but usher had two of the worst song of all time, two of all time!"  those songs are so depressing no offense haha.
"yo martin luther king, im happy for you, ima let you finish but Kanye had one of the best quote of quote of all time, one of all time." hahaa

Thanks for reading this. xx